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 A comprehensive understanding of your industry. 


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We provide our clients with customized support throughout the year with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual deliverables. Service subscriptions include timely and informative insights on current and future market trends and developments. Deliverables range from news and analysis to in-depth primary research, market sizing, and forecasting.

Forecast & Market Size

All forecasts are updated annually and focus on North America, with worldwide coverage where available. They include discussion and analysis of market conditions, technologies, competitive environments, and product and market segment lifecycles that will impact growth rates.

Primary Research

Focused on hot industry topics, these timely studies provide in-depth primary research on subjects that affect product development, product marketing, sales management and training, and overall strategic planning.


Researched and written by our consultants, these deliverables provide an analysis of industry trends, issues, and events. This typically includes analysis on new products and technologies, markets and market segments, events, or broad issues affecting strategic directions and opportunities.

Inquiry & Consultation

Benefit from ongoing and direct access to our staff of experts, who are able to answer inquires, engage in market discussions, and provide consultation on forecast data, industry developments and strategic planning. A comprehensive understanding of your industry enables our team to provide customized, actionable information and advice for your individual business needs. 


Written summaries of significant technology and market developments affecting the digital imaging and document solutions industry. News is provided on a daily basis, compiled regularly, and available to clients via our online repository.