Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab Reveals Winners of PaceSetter Awards in Sustainability



Wokingham, UK – Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware, software, and services, today announced the winners of its BLI PaceSetter awards in Sustainability. These awards recognize the document imaging OEMs that are the best at supporting and advancing environmental improvements and initiatives.


The winners for 2019–2020, based on research conducted for the Western European market, are:




BLI PaceSetter 2019–2020 in Sustainability: Office Technology




BLI PaceSetter 2019–2020 in Sustainability: Programs



“Increasingly, companies understand the importance of choosing suppliers and business partners that prioritize sustainability efforts,” said George Mikolay, Associate Director of Copiers/Production at Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab. “Not only are these partners making real efforts to reduce their own environmental footprint, but they’re also inspiring and enabling clients to operate in more eco-friendly ways. Our PaceSetter award winners have demonstrated their commitment to preserving the planet through thoughtful operational and technological improvements.”


For this study, Keypoint Intelligence invited all leading document imaging OEMs to complete an exhaustive questionnaire detailing their environmental efforts and programs in a range of sustainability areas, including business operations, products, recycling, and goal tracking. Participating OEMs were also asked to make key personnel available for in-depth interviews with the Keypoint Intelligence analyst team to give a more complete picture of their sustainability strategies. After gathering this data, analysts used a proprietary rating scale to determine the PaceSetter award winners.


Epson Innovation Evident in Its Sustainable Office Technology

In the document imaging industry in Western Europe, Epson stands above the rest in developing sustainable office technology. The company’s products contribute to a waste-less society and circular economy through its range of printers, scanners, and TCO-certified projectors. Furthermore, Epson has put forth significant efforts to educate staff and resellers across EMEA on this value proposition. “Epson continues to innovate with technologies like RIPS (Replaceable Ink Pack System), the PaperLab automated papermaking system, and long-lasting light sources on screen projectors,” said Deborah Hawkins, Associate Director at Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends. “The company also shines for its environment-focused ‘Make the Switch’ and ‘Advantage Inkjet’ advertising campaigns, as well as participation in working groups and advocacy projects at national and European levels.”


HP Leads the Industry in Programs That Foster Sustainability

“As a basis for these initiatives, HP applies the concept of sustainability to the areas of the planet, people’s lives, and communities,” Mikolay said. “For example, within its planet pillar, HP has implemented programs for using renewable electricity, reusing likely ocean-bound plastic in its products, and minimizing or eliminating deforestation associated with product packaging.” Its product takeback and recycling programs through retail partners are another differentiator; with people and communities, HP recognizes that plastic and other forms of pollution are environmental justice issues disproportionately impacting poor and marginalized communities. This has led to educational programs reaching millions of students and adult learners.



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About Buyers Lab PaceSetter Awards

Based on exhaustive questionnaires, in-depth interviews, and a proprietary rating scale, Buyers Lab PaceSetter awards recognize those document imaging OEMs that have shown market leadership in a variety of categories, including with technologies, services, and key vertical markets.


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