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Keypoint Intelligence Names Nexa3D XiP the Winner of Its First-Ever Analyst Choice Award in Additive Manufacturing



Fairfield, NJ – Building on its rich heritage in 2D print, Keypoint Intelligence is proud to announce its first-ever Analyst Choice Award in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) category. Because of its performance in an important aspect of 3D printing, the Nexa3D XiP takes home this 2023 accolade for Fastest Compact Vat Photopolymerization System.


“Many people know Keypoint Intelligence as a market research firm and independent tester of office/production print and smart workplace technology and services. What most people do not know is that the company has been testing 3D devices and becoming even more educated on additive manufacturing for some time now,” said Pete Emory, Director of Research & Lab Operations NA/APAC at Keypoint Intelligence. “The testing as well as this award represent a significant and bold step in a new direction in our company’s evolution.”


The Nexa3D XiP is a complete AM system that includes easy-to-use software and a combination wash-and-cure station. Nexa3D offers 20 certified resins (some specific for dental, manufacturing, and prototyping applications), but the XiP offers even more versatility through its open resin option. The autosensing and autofill resin system helps combat the common problem that non-automated systems have when running out of resin during a job.


“All that notwithstanding, the Nexa3D XiP claimed this BLI 2023 Analyst Choice Award on account of its speed results it delivered compared to its peers,” said Len Wolak, Senior Technician at Keypoint Intelligence. “It was clear from the outset of testing that the Nexa3D XiP held a speed advantage over the competition, and we also found that object accuracy did not suffer even when printing at faster speeds. From what we have seen from other devices in this class, the Nexa3D XiP is productive to say the least.”


“We are thrilled to be recognized by Keypoint Intelligence as the fastest desktop solution for resin 3D printing,” said Nina Swienton, Chief Marketing Officer at Nexa3D. “It’s a real honor to be named a winner when it comes to print speed in the professional desktop 3D printing category.”


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