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Carl Schell

Dealer challenges, a look at forecasts among talking points

Keypoint Intelligence’s Deborah Hawkins and Carl Schell were invited by print industry veteran John Alfred Hustvedt to speak with some folks from the Nordic organization Economy and IT.



Colin McMahon

How to stay connected without always being in the same room

With 2021 in full swing and vaccines circulating the world, businesses must look ahead at how they will re-establish themselves as they move past COVID-19. This blog looks at the third part of our "Getting Ahead on a Budget" blog series.



Eve Padula & Eric Zimmerman

A virtual event with an in-person vibe

ISA International Sign Expo was held virtually this year from April 7th-9th, 2021. This blog explores some of the highlights of this year's show.



George Mikolay

How new and existing features and functions support a safe return to offices

While we have covered if office print volumes will ever be restored to pre-pandemic figures, we expect it will be affected by more people moving to a hybrid workforce. This blog explores how five of the major OEMs seek to support of a safe return to the office.



Eve Padula

Consumer engagement in an increasingly complex environment

Delivering data-driven communications involves collecting information about consumers’ purchasing habits and using that information to create more relevant and engaging communications. This blog explores how to do so without endangering your connection to consumers.



Christine Dunne

MediaBids connects advertisers with publications for enhanced targeting and lead tracking

COVID-19 saw a large uptick in demand from newspapers for its regional and national performance-based advertisers as publishers strove to monetize their available space. This blog explores how MediaBids can help advertisers use enhanced targeting and lead tracking.



Jamie Bsales

Canon and NTware aim to meet the growing need for solutions that work anywhere

Canon, along with its development partner NT-ware, have updated the uniFLOW output management platforms to address the need for workers to be split between their office and working from home. This blog explores how this update will help those workers in hybrid environments.



Christine Dunne

Approximately $7.2 billion transaction to close in second half of this year

IT distributors SYNNEX Corporation and Tech Data announced they are merging. This blog explores the effects of this joint venture for SYNNEX and Tech Data, as well as the IT distribution market as a whole.



Christine Dunne

Directors estimate around 99% of documents now in electronic format

The US Government Accountability Office has come a long way in terms of digitization in the last few decades, spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This blog explores Christine Dunne's conversation with two members of the GAO.



Ryan McAbee

Are you delivering for your customers?

Due to the pandemic, 2020 had some of the most challenging global business conditions that print service providers had seen in a decade. Operations were disrupted as executives and managers struggled to figure out health and safety protocols, while also enabling remote work where possible.