PODCAST: Talking Print with Mopria Alliance Member Philip Mazzilli

Thoughts on the industry from Staff Product Manager at Qualcomm



Carl Schell


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Print might be down, but it is certainly not dead. There are still plenty of good stories to tell about it, too—from how some companies evolved during the pandemic to become an even stronger presence to case studies that detail the impact a particular product had on an organization’s health and bottom line. This is precisely why I was excited to sit down with Qualcomm’s Philip Mazzilli, who is also a member of the Mopria Alliance, to discuss several aspects of the print industry.


Through its early stages, the Mopria Alliance was predominantly focused on helping streamline and standardize the process of mobile printing. User experience is everything, right? Sure enough, COVID sank its teeth into Mopria and forced the alliance to change, as it did to Keypoint Intelligence, all the industry vendors, and distribution and service channels. So today, Mopria is more concerned with unifying the print experience because printing happens (yes, people still print) from anywhere and everywhere.


Philip Mazzilli, Staff Product Manager at Qualcomm and Mopria Alliance Member



As if the pandemic weren’t enough for all of us in 2020-2021, this year has seen supply chain delays, bigger issues, and total nightmares intensify. Though it does feel like things are easing up, inflation is now adding another layer to business and life in general. In the print industry specifically, people are watching what happens like a pride of lions while studying analytics around A3 vs. A4 placements and the types of documents being printed.


OEMs have their opinions. Dealers have their opinions. And research organizations—like Keypoint Intelligence—have their opinions, too. Mazzilli’s unvarnished take on things, including intriguing segments about secure pull printing and where scanning currently sits in the grand scheme of infrastructure and workflow, provide plenty of vibrant colors to this “state of things” podcast.


Listen with intent, folks. Always. Because you never know when inspiration—or that next winning idea—will hit.


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