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Even if you just want to reference Ringdale the company, it’s nearly impossible to say “Ringdale” without immediately adding “FollowMe”. I mean, everyone in the print industry knows the solution is synonymous with secure pull printing, right? Heck, even the company’s web address is followme.ringdale.com.


To me, however, that association is quickly changing to “Ringdale Eric Crump.”


What a fascinating guy! Raised in a military family, Crump spent a lot of his formative years in Fort Knox and joined the Army National Guard at 17, with a focus on operational planning and training (S3 shop for many years); became a Hilltopper for life a year later when he enrolled at Western Kentucky; and began his career at Lexmark right out of college. He is currently the secretary of the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA; member since 2017, has sat on the committee that handles standards and best practices) and has been on Tigerpaw Software’s list of Top 100 MPS Influencers of the Office Equipment Channel for two years running.



Carl Schell: With your background, specifically being from The Bluegrass State, it makes complete sense that you’d land at Lexmark out of college. But how did the whole move to Ringdale come about?


Eric Crump: I was at Lexmark for more than 18 years, working with MPS innovators internationally and developing software selling strategies when the MPS market was just starting. Roles at Lexmark that shaped who I am ranged from being a public sector sales and technical support engineer to leading the global software product management team. While working on assignment in Europe for seven years, the Lexmark team started to partner with Ringdale on strategic MPS projects, complimenting the Lexmark MPS value proposition. When I returned to the US in 2014, it was a natural transition to join the FollowMe team at Ringdale after being a partner for more than five years.


CS: So now you’ve been at Ringdale for almost a decade, which I’m sure is crazy for you to think about. When you mix the company, your role, and the industry…can you paint that picture for us?


EC: Over the past nine years at Ringdale, I’ve worn many hats and collaborated with the leading MPS OEM brands, software providers, and industry analysts while also supporting global business development efforts. It’s been outstanding to work closely with independent dealers on successful enterprise customer projects. The transition from working for a large OEM was a good choice for me and my young family, as working for Ringdale has provided flexibility on how I contribute to the company’s mission—and it is clear to see my personal impact with the FollowMe strategy and its execution. In addition, my role allows me to be an advocate for the MPS industry by being part of the executive board of the MPSA. It has been an excellent way to connect with MPS leaders and share ideas and best practices, especially as the market is continuously changing.


Eric Crump, Director of Strategic Alliances at Ringdale


CS: We recently turned the calendar to 2023, and software—whether it’s for the office, artificial intelligence (AI)-based, or otherwise—remains key. What are some of Ringdale’s goals for this year?


EC: Ringdale has always been a problem-solving solutions company for enterprise and government organizations working to simplify and secure document workflows with resilient, configurable, and common-sense infrastructure, whether on-prem or in the cloud. We will continue to bolster desktop and device (printers and MFPs) endpoint security, to support our partners (including our OEM partnerships) to differentiate their managed service offerings and tackle evolving security challenges as more employees return to the office.


CS: And obviously with your military roots and who you are, it’s no surprise that you stay active and involved through the Young Marines program. What has that brought to you as a person?


EC: The Young Marines has been an extremely rewarding experience. I’ve had the pleasure to work with youth in our community, including my children, to develop tomorrow’s leaders. Becoming the local unit commander, as the No. 1 volunteer, has allowed me to be an active contributor to my local community. We focus on leadership, teamwork, and discipline and we partner with community leaders, veterans, and Marines from the Marine Corps Logistics Base to make the program happen. I highly recommend getting involved in a similar youth or veteran program. Semper Fidelis—Always Faithful!


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