Managed Service Providers Are Integrating Generative AI

How this can be a driver in future automation solutions



Anne Valaitis


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On February 9, ConnectWise announced its new integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools: ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise RMM. ConnectWise was said to be prototyping artificial intelligence (AI) within RMM for some time, but OpenAI further accelerated its plans to integrate the technology. ChatGPT and similar AI tools have the enormous potential to solve complex, time-consuming problems that allow for the automation of tasks such as customer ticketing and issue tracking as well as script writing.



ConnectWise provides solutions that manage, support, and automate business operations.  IT services continue to grow, providing organizations with the ability to meet key and critical business objectives such as cost reductions and security challenges. For ConnectWise, the ongoing management and iteration of solutions to align with business goals is foundational for managed IT service providers. New and developing tools such as ChatGPT offer unique enhancements to the ConnectWise products.


What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT and generative AI technology have gone viral since their introduction in November 2022. With more than a million users, many daily IT news cycles have been dedicated to its coverage. The ChatGPT language model, developed by OpenAI, is designed to simulate human-like conversation and generate natural language responses to textual inputs (aka “generative AI”). ChatGPT is capable of understanding and processing natural language inputs from users and generating responses that are relevant and contextually appropriate.



ChatGPT can be used for a variety of applications, including chatbots, virtual assistants, and customer support. As more understanding and awareness of the language model become clear, its implications, benefits, and impact on the larger IT space emerge. In addition, product integrations will naturally materialize (as evidenced by the ConnectWise announcement) and the expectation is that there is more to come.


Why ChatGPT and Managed IT tools?

As the pandemic ushered in turmoil to businesses of all sizes and types, IT was faced with instant pressure to deliver results. AI is now offering a new and unique value proposition to solutions like RMM. ChatGPT integration within the ConnectWise products can supplement the human developers writing scripts that perform a variety of specific management tasks. The result can greatly reduce human error and offer quick turn around and utilization for testing. The integration offers significant potential to streamline coding and development work.


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

The opportunity to provide efficiencies in routine coding tasks and create code snippets is important. Nonetheless, there are limitations with ChatGPT currently. There are said to be frequent errors in code that can generate incorrect information, which can affect quality in scripts. Furthermore, at this early stage in its lifecycle, ChatGPT ultimately lacks the critical thinking that a developer (i.e., a human) has cultivated.


Additional weaknesses such as access to up-to-date data sets can inhibit ChatGPT’s quality of delivered content. If presented with access to a larger dataset of training materials, a positive impact to quality, accuracy, and efficiency are expected. Despite the massive popularity, there also remains hesitancy in trust and security. Greater adoption of generative AI by vendors and customers will ultimately determine how well it bridges the theoretical and practical divide between the possible and probable.


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