Channel Strategy Session: Keypoint Intelligence’s 2023 Quick Guide to US Mega Dealers (INFOGRAPHIC)

Which large-scale technology service providers made the cut this year?



Carl Schell


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When we assembled our inaugural guide to US mega dealers last year, there were a total of 17. The count has risen by one, and it cannot be reiterated enough that a big reason why these operations got to where they are is because of their openness to products, technologies, and services beyond print. Some mega dealers have obviously made more acquisitions than others, while organic growth has been prioritized by some more than others. Where are you at with the split between print and managed IT, is it closing in on 50/50? The blueprint for success can differ greatly, and it takes a whole lot of everything to even break into this category of dealers with at least $100 million in annual revenue.


Many of you keep a very sharp eye on the channel, more so than me. And while the mega dealers comprise just a fraction of the roughly 1,800 outfits in the United States, a heck of a lot of attention and focus is put on this group of 18—rightfully so, I should add. Here at Keypoint Intelligence, we track dealers and their development through our Channel Mapping Tool, our News Service, and the research studies we conduct. Much can be gleaned about the channel from these offerings and survey results, but it is still the conversations and interactions we have with dealer folks that bring to life the real meaning in all these unique stories.


We are happy to present this year’s edition!


Infographic designed by Mark DiMattei, Managing Editor at Keypoint Intelligence.


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