Toshiba LEAD Beyond Event Showcases New Offerings

Hardware, software, and services are at the heart of the dealer and customer event



Jamie Bsales


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For the first time since before the pandemic, Toshiba America Business Solutions’ Electronic Imaging Division gathered dealers, customers, and key business partners to showcase new (or improved) product and services offerings and impart guidance on the company’s direction and initiatives.


At the heart of the expertly crafted Toshiba LEAD Beyond event is the product fair, filling the Grand Ballroom at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, where the company’s print hardware offerings are surrounded by hardware, software, and services from Toshiba as well as partners including Lexmark, Brother, DLL (financial services), Docuware, OpenText, and others. To put things in context, event organizers also set up several “experience centers” where attendees could see all the parts come together in real-world scenarios, including a typical corporate office and a healthcare provider’s area.


At the event’s opening general session, Toshiba executives relayed an overview of the key initiatives for the company. Keeping to the event’s overall theme of “The Sky’s the Limit,” TABS President and CEO Larry White talked about the bright spots for Toshiba over the past two years, including overall revenue that is up 26% between fiscal years 2020 and 2022. He noted that losses suffered in 2021 were nearly completely attributable to the fact that Toshiba decided to fly in product from overseas rather than chance it sitting on cargo ships off the coast of California. That cost the company a lot of money, but White stressed that it was nonetheless the right decision to keep Toshiba’s product commitments to dealers and customers.


Larry White, President and CEO of Toshiba America Business Solutions, delivers his address during the general session at Toshiba LEAD Beyond 2023.


White touched on other highlights for Toshiba’s business—and prime opportunities for dealers—that include the company’s thermal printing product line for receipt and label printing, along with the company’s Encompass MPaaS (Managed Print-as-a-Service) business that continues to enjoy double-digit growth year over year and, when executed correctly, can net dealers north of 30% margins.


Throughout his keynote, White drove home the fact that, while overall print volumes are indeed shrinking, hardcopy is still very much essential to businesses today. “Print remains relevant,” White said. “It is physical, tactile, and leaves a lasting impression. It commands our attention in a way that a digital document cannot.”


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