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Deborah Hawkins


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The recent Earth Hour celebration, known for its symbolic “lights off” in support of our planet, saw 132 countries and territories take part. Now in its 60th year, the tally of hours given in 2024 during Earth Hour was 1,469,645—a tremendous gift that we return to our planet. At Keypoint Intelligence, the celebration marks the beginning of a month of climate-related activities leading up to Earth Day on April 22 as well as a reflection on whether we are collectively doing enough.



As thought leaders in our industry, we have a responsibility to advise and advocate for market trends and steer our readership in directions that we believe in. Sustainability is about a journey involving positive steps towards a common goal. Our mission is to support those on that journey and encourage their efforts.


All industry stakeholders within the wider technology industry (not only document imaging)—such as suppliers, service providers, and manufacturers—all look to us for clarity on sustainability. They always have a strong desire to better understand what each should be doing to keep up with the competition as well as to act responsibly. Our independent view from all facets of the market through lab testing as well as market and competitive analysis gives us a unique perspective to advocate for the research, development, and use of “best available sustainable technology”—including the marrying of partners that can support goals. Sustainability is not always tangible and can be a very broad concept, but we have learned over time what counts today as well as what accounts for greenwashing. There is a fine line between these two concepts.


We started doing Market Insights studies on sustainability in 2019, which was also the first time Keypoint Intelligence handed out Pacesetter Awards covering the environment. Since then, we have refined the areas of focus and scoring index to remain relevant as well as expanded into industry subsegments, including production print, workflow, large format print, office technologies, and programs. We continuously assess which players are leading categories such as level of post-consumer recycling content, carbon offsetting, neutrality and certifications, extended life, and waste management. Additionally, we encourage the replacement of outdated inefficient products and processes and promote technological advances that equate to a more sustainable contribution. We believe wholeheartedly in remanufacturing before recycling and we advocate for new directions that uncover total cost of impact (TCI).


Let’s make this all happen together, for the betterment of our home.


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