Channel Strategy Session: 2024 Summer Reading List

Recapping another year of this series focused on things “beyond print”



Carl Schell


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Maybe you’re on the beach with your toes in the sand and a drink in your hand. Or you’re on your deck during a cool dusk where bug repellant isn’t necessary. Or you’re just chilling at the hotel between client visits…


You need something to read. Or listen to. Or watch.


Education about dealers—for dealers, their partners, the industry as a whole—is the general purpose of Channel Strategy Session. More specifically, the series provides research and data on the channel while encouraging new directions in smart technology through blogs, podcasts, videos, or infographics.


We mix it up. The right medium makes a difference.


Yes, print remains relevant and there’s still plenty of conversation about it (more so with production given it’s a drupa year). Everyone always seems keen on anything pertaining to acquisitions, which are certainly covered on this list. But it’s managed IT services (MITS) that, more often than not, winds up front and center in the conversations I have with creative thinkers and strong leaders. After all, it/IT covers a lot of ground…


You want to know the how and the why. These stories can help you get there. Enjoy!




PODCAST: Giving More Shape to This Whole AI Thing

3 Intriguing Acquisitions by Dealers So Far in 2024

Production Print and Risk vs. Reward

VIDEO: Dealers Become Central to PRINTING United’s Success in 2024

Usherwood Office Technology Just Keeps Walkin’ the Walk

PODCAST: AI Insights and Managed IT Services Trends

Dealers and Research and AI

Applied Innovation Maximizing It Full Potential

INFOGRAPHIC: 2024 Opportunities and Strategies for Dealers

INFOGRAPHIC: 2023 Dealer-Dealer Acquisitions

Striving for Simplicity in 2024, with the Help of Our New Friend AI



PODCAST: Managed IT Services Should Always Be Top of Mind

VIDEO: Opportunities Within the Managed Office, According to Novatech

PODCAST: How Marco Approaches Acquisitions

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Reasons for e-Commerce and Sales Enablement

PODCAST: The State of Milner

INFOGRAPHIC: Keypoint Intelligence’s 2023 Quick Guide to US Mega Dealers

PODCAST: Managed IT Services in Europe and in Research

VIDEO: Interview Insights with Bob Madaio of Sharp


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