How bliQ can help you?

Thousands of sales, marketing and product development professionals in the document imaging industry are seeing results using bliQ. Our customers include OEMs, dealerships, leasing companies, independent software vendors and buyers.


Less time searching, more time selling.

bliQ is the most comprehensive source of independent research and data in the industry. With a database of over 65,000 document imaging products and intuitive tools, bliQ helps you understand your products and the competition, while automating time-consuming daily workflows. Learn more about what's new in bliQ.

Run Comparisons

Compare up to 25 products' specs and test results side-by-side.

Customize your spreadsheet using familiar editing tools, and use BLI's time-saving automation tools to highlight differences, save your preferred view and more.

Browse & Search Products

Browse thousands of office, wide format and production hardware and software products with suggested search and dynamic search filters.

Calculate Total Cost of Ownership

Find out how much a product is going to cost over a lifetime using our total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator, which includes pricing verified by BLI.

Build a Quote

Build customized quotes with pricing for devices, options and compatible solutions to include in proposals.

Create a Brochure

Build a brochure for your products in under five minutes, with content based on BLI lab testing.

94% of B2B buyers conduct online research before purchasing a business product*
* As reported by Acquity Group's 2014 State of B2B Procurement Study

  • Customers Do Their Research, You Should Too
  • Be the first to find out about newly launched products
  • Find out which products are highly rated by BLI
  • Access thousands of product brochures and press releases
  • Keep up to date on what’s going on in the industry

Selling software just got easier

bliQ’s powerful online database of document imaging software solutions includes hundreds of specifications, brief overviews and in-depth reports.

Spend Less Time Researching

Our database of reports, briefs, manufacturer literature, screenshots and news combined with our simplified search gives you everything you’re looking for, all in one place.

Outsmart Your Competition

Compare pricing, key features and BLI ratings across similar products using our competitive side-by-side tool. Quickly get sales teams up to speed on software selling.

Build Credibility with Customers

A Buyers Lab award or seal of approval shows customers that your product passed the test – from a third-party perspective.

Understand Software Better

Product overviews help professionals quickly understand a product’s market positioning and most important features. Hands-on evaluations provide insight from experienced analysts, ratings in key areas, and strengths and weaknesses.

Grow Your Portfolio

Using our reports as guidelines and the compatible hardware tool, find highly rated solutions to add to your portfolio of solutions offerings.