Multi-Client Studies

Keypoint Intelligence's multi-client studies deliver in-depth primary research that is focused on major industry trends and topics. Each study is led by a team of subject matter and research experts who provide findings and recommendations that can immediately be applied to your sales and marketing strategies. Multiple companies fund, influence, focus, and receive the research results, enabling them to obtain business critical information at a fraction of the cost of conducting the study on their own.

Disruptive Supply Chain Strategies for the Wide Format Printing Industry

December 24, 2014

Effective supply chain management includes making sure that products are available to end users, priced properly and represented accurately by distributors. Executives have to develop strategies to deal with different size accounts, different geographic regions, and different types of distributors. This study is designed to identify new ways to approach managing the supply chain to improve customer loyalty, provide better brand messaging, and maximize profits.

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Identifying the Business Inkjet Value Gap

December 24, 2014

The objective of this study was to identify and quantify the business inkjet value gap and translate these findings into a commercially actionable set of recommendations. The study addresses the go-to-market challenges arising from product and customer beliefs and biases surrounding laser and business inkjet technologies.

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Mobile Devices and the Impact on Print

December 07, 2014

The purpose of this research was to uncover the relative opportunity to print across a broad range of mobile device users from teenagers to office and mobile business users to retired people. The goal was to understand what each of those groups and other groups of people need in order to satisfy their desire to print from their mobile devices.

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Enterprise Document Capture: Process Gaps and Revenue Opportunities

November 21, 2014

This study had three primary goals. First, this research uncovered high-volume capture trends within business processes, vertical markets, and across different types of capture environments. Secondly, it verified how effectively image life cycles enable automation within the classification, data capture, data validation, and delivery phases of a document capture operation. Finally, the study identified services and technology revenue opportunities that target business process gaps and inefficiencies.

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Industry Score Cards by Vertical Market

November 19, 2014

Vertical markets have significant, diverse conditions that can vary substantially. Customers in vertical areas want to distinguish potential suppliers by how deeply they understand their business and process requirements. A basic strategy of selling office technology into business without any explicit expertise into the nature of individual process and enterprise requirements is no longer practical. An in-depth understanding of requirements by market will become essential in order to align strengths with market demands.

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Profiting through Digital Printing in the Décor Marketplace

November 16, 2014

In the past, production methods for decorative elements achieved the desired look and feel using traditional, analog print processes. Screen, gravure, and lithographic printing have created a wealth of designs, but by their nature they are meant for mass production and cannot efficiently create custom decoration or be cost effective in small batches. Today, after decades of ongoing development and improvements, digital printing is capturing ever-growing production volumes worldwide in a range of décor applications. In this particular study, a series of in-depth interviews and surveys allowed us to assess the impact of digital solutions, examine the sentiment of the Architect & Interior design community (A&D), and quantify the opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers of printing equipment and inks, software providers, and service providers.

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European Office Vertical Market Opportunity Analysis

November 10, 2014

The office document industry in Western Europe is showing an increased focus on paper-intensive industries with many of the market-leading OEM suppliers and channel businesses aligning their organizations and go-to-market strategies to identify and address print as well as paper-intensive applications and workflows. Growth in this industry requires the capture of market share from competitors and the ability to fully engage in managed print services. However, mature markets also present the challenge of entrenched competitors with long-established distribution partners. As a result, capturing market share demands new ways of aligning strategy with distribution channels and exploiting innovative ways to segment markets and customers.

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Opportunities and Challenges in B2 Digital

October 25, 2014

B2 format color digital presses are forming a new, exciting wing of the digital print market in 2014, a dynamic segment that will be influential for many years to come. Sheet fed, full color digital presses for B2 format media starred at drupa in 2012 and since then the commitment of key suppliers to B2 and larger format printers has only grown, as has the interest of prospective users. Today, the ‘B2’ digital press market is at a tipping point: More than 100 presses in this class have been placed globally; meanwhile, more B2 models and even some larger ‘B1’ models are about to launch, and multiple vendors will need major placements to justify their big investments. Will they and their products find success?

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The Production Printing Industry in North America: Understanding Industry Transformation

August 15, 2014

This study examines various industry segments, and the impact of establishment size in both the in-plant and print for pay segments. This research study builds upon the results of our earlier studies but provides additional granularity. It examines PSP’s in four business segments. Our research indicates that where a PSP falls within this quadrant drives particular behavior including service expansion, the use of technology and capital investments.

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Social Photo and Video: The New Communication and Memory-Keeping Paradigm

May 01, 2014

This study provides vendors and service providers with information to help them understand how to influence consumers and their imaging choices, as well as the products and services that will help satisfy consumers’ unmet needs related to photo and video expression. It considers where revenue opportunities may lie, and how vendors can remain relevant in both digital and print worlds.

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The U.S. “Point of View” Imaging Market

April 01, 2014

This study will provide vendors and service providers with information to help them understand how “point-of-view” imaging is likely to evolve, and what cameras, accessories, software, applications, and services will help satisfy consumers’ unmet (or unrealized) needs. It will also consider how big the revenue opportunity may be, and how vendors might be able to capitalize on future growth.

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Understanding Vertical Markets in Western Europe: Corporate Communication Requirements

March 01, 2014

The competitive landscape of the printing industry is often harsh and unforgiving. Targeting specific vertical markets and establishing leadership in them is becoming a solid business strategy for many firms. Simply put, vertical marketing is developing products and services that are targeted toward a specific industry. More and more firms are seeking the immense benefits targeting specific industries can deliver.

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