Multi-Client Studies

Keypoint Intelligence's multi-client studies deliver in-depth primary research that is focused on major industry trends and topics. Each study is led by a team of subject matter and research experts who provide findings and recommendations that can immediately be applied to your sales and marketing strategies. Multiple companies fund, influence, focus, and receive the research results, enabling them to obtain business critical information at a fraction of the cost of conducting the study on their own.

The Smart Workplace

November 20, 2018

The traditional office environment is transforming, becoming an ecosystem for secure information exchange, mobility, collaboration, business process automation and cloud computing. Knowledge workers now DEMAND full access to the business, anytime and from anywhere. Significant technology shifts will bring about immense change for traditional office technology providers. How will traditional vendors be positioned for this revolution, its impact and a possible deluge of new players? This study will help vendors understand key trends and demographic influences, and identify major opportunities for technology and services within key vertical industries and business processes.

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MFP Platforms and Apps

October 31, 2018

MFP platforms have undergone several evolutions over the past 15 years as technology has enhanced. Vendors have released different iterations of these platforms in response to developments like better front panels, web services architecture, or android technology.  However, there is still a large variation in what vendors offer. Some OEMs are just beginning to work in web services while other have had that technology for over a decade. Some OEMs maintain huge developer networks and large portfolios, while others rely on a small network of trusted ISVs and offer only a few apps. And despite the ongoing investment in platform technology, there are still many unknowns about the role that platforms and apps play in the industry.

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Winning in an Evolving Print Services Market

September 30, 2018

Print service providers must overcome a dizzying array of obstacles to successfully grow their operations. Competition from other providers and digital media are compelling printing organizations to rethink their marketing, sales, and operation strategies. The challenge is determining the strategies and investments that maximize results. This research study will identify the best practices driving and supporting print service providers in improving operations and business growth. 

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Gen Z to Boomers

September 30, 2018

This new multi-client study will help subscribers understand how to increase "share of wallet" with key demographic groups for imaging-related products and services. The research will define buyer personas for each generation based on lifestyle and life stage, quantify buying power of the high-spending generational personas, and will identify how best to market to these personas.

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Production Sheet-fed Inkjet Printer Multi-client Study Breakout Report

September 06, 2018

Keypoint Intelligence–InfoTrends has conducted an extensive analysis on the growing opportunity for production sheet-fed inkjet printing systems in North America and Western Europe. This research is designed to provide OEMs, paper mills, finishing equipment vendors with insights for product development decisions and resources for accelerating sales.


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The 2018 U.S. Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera Study

August 23, 2018

ILC revenue now makes up about 80% of the camera hardware market. The ILC market is divided into two segments: DSLRs and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. DSLRs still account for the majority share of sales, but mirrorless cameras are getting more attention and steadily gaining share. Expectations are high that new entries will accelerate the gains. This study will build on previous research to examine the importance of photos and photography in consumers' lives as well as analyze what motivates them to purchase. 

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High Speed Inkjet Printer Multi-client Study

March 30, 2018

InfoTrends is conducting an extensive analysis on the growing opportunity for high speed inkjet printing systems in North America and Western Europe. The study is focusing on key application categories including transactional, promotional, publishing, and packaging (primarily folding cartons). The research will include in-depth interviews with 75 existing roll fed and cut sheet inkjet press users as well as a survey with over 300 companies that are considering purchasing a system in the next 6 to 12 months. The research is designed to provide OEMs, paper mills, and finishing equipment vendors with insights for product development decisions and resources for accelerating customer sales.


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Personalized Video: Evaluating Consumer Demand from Around the Globe

January 30, 2018

Businesses that use personalized videos in their customer communications can achieve improved response rates as well as higher ROI. Personalized videos represent several key elements of an effective modern messaging campaign—the captivating nature of video attracts attention in an increasingly cluttered mix of messages, and 1-to-1 content rewards that attention with a more meaningful engagement.

Despite the strong potential of personalized video, enterprise adoption has been slow thus far. Widespread use has been hindered by a limited understanding of the consumer’s perspective, along with a lack of established best practices for incorporating this new tool into a customer communications strategy. The unrealized potential of personalized video calls for focused research and technological clarity.

This proposed consumer study aims to align the implementation and execution of personalized video campaigns with the expectations and preferences of those who will ultimately watch them. We also intend to provide roadmap planning input so technology vendors and solution providers can translate the revealed consumer expectations and preferences into functionalities and features of their personalized video offerings.

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