Test Reports

Information for You, Peace of Mind for Your Customers 


Every year, Buyers Lab tests over 150 office equipment products ranging from entry-level inkjet printers to high-end production devices, as well as dozens of document imaging solutions from free mobile apps to enterprise-level document management systems.

Our public test reports are the result of months of hands-on evaluations performed by our expert team of analysts and lab technicians.

Our Recommendation
We use test data and experience with the product, as well as competitive information and industry knowledge to provide our expert opinion on each product’s performance.

We rate products based on overall performance and performance in each test area compared to their competitive groups.

Strengths & Weaknesses
We highlight products’ most noteworthy advantages and disadvantages in an easy-to-read format.

Other Attributes
While a top-level view of a device or solution is important to establish a base of understanding, we also go in depth about each area, so you can better comprehend the entire scope of a product’s capabilities. Depending on what type of product is being tested, we rate individual categories including reliability, ease of use, productivity and image quality.

Along with Lab Test Reports, we also publish Field Test, Environmental and Special Reports. All of these reports are available through a bliQ subscription, or can be downloaded as a one-time purchase. Buyers Lab also performs private testing on a contract basis. Learn more about our custom testing and consulting services.

Products We Test


  • MFPs
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Wide-Format Devices
  • Production Print Devices
  • Digital Duplicators


  • Document Management
  • Mobile Print
  • Output Management
  • Embedded Connectors
  • Document Capture
  • Network Device Management
  • And More