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With over 20 lab technicians and analysts, who have over 300 years of combined experience, our hands-on testing process is the core of our business. Buyers Lab publicly tests an average of 150 products per year including printers, copiers, scanners, wide format and production devices from all of the major manufacturers. Each piece of hardware and software is independently sent to the lab by the vendor in a configuration suitable for both a typical office environment and the average end user.

Over a period of several weeks, our techs run proprietary reliability, ease of use, productivity and workflow tests designed to replicate real-world and worst-case scenarios. Engines are reliability tested using BLI’s variable test schedule simulating low and high volume environments.

Technicians report service issues, misfeeds, error codes, and consumable wear as well as image quality defects throughout the test cycle. Other tests are designed to capture the ease of use of the user interface for copy, scan functions, job management, administration and maintenance. Productivity and multitasking are also tested to help identify performance and workflow issues that may exist.

Our rigorous hands-on testing and dedication to the industry are what make us the document imaging experts.

In addition to our standard lab testing, our technicians also perform field tests and custom tests.

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Energy Testing

Energy consumption, which is based on our real-world environmental job stream test, is measured after removing the device from the dedicated test network to ensure network activity doesn’t interfere with the results. Default and custom settings are utilized for certain tests to gauge performance fluctuations. Buyers Lab has ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification and EPA recognition for conducting the ENERGY STAR Typical Energy Consumption (TEC) and Operational Mode (OM) energy consumption tests.

Software Testing

Software is evaluated thoroughly by our dedicated analysts who replicate real world scenarios and workflows. Once testing is completed, our analyst team compares their findings against those of comparable solutions.

BLI is completely independent in all of our testing processes and subsequent reporting. With BLI, you can count on unbiased data and information.


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